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       Zhejiang Yilong Electric Power Fittings Co., Ltd. (www.rnnkj.com) is a company that has focused on cold-pressed terminals, insulated terminals, copper terminals, and various OT-shaped domestic round bare ends and UT-shaped domestic round bare ends for many years. Head, IT-shaped domestic needle-shaped bare end, RV round pre-insulated end, SV fork-type pre-insulated connector, PTV pin-type pre-insulated end, PDD male and female pre-insulated connector, MDD female fully insulated connector, BV intermediate connector , BN tube connector, copper terminal, C45 pin and other products.
       Zhejiang Yilong Electric Power Fittings Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It has accumulated rich experience in the field of cold-pressed terminal products and stamping parts. The company has strong production capacity and is well received by customers from all walks of life. We insist on The development path of "Enterprise, Integrity, Technological Innovation, Advance with the Times", in line with the purpose of "Brand for Benefits", maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations with new and old customers...

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